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We Provide Full Refund  If You Do Not Find It Helpful.
Zero Risk! You only lose if you don't subscribe.

Program Questions

1. What is included in the program?
- Every Bestseller has a Video and Downloadable PDF presentation file.

2. How long is the video?
- Each Bestseller is explained in 1 hour video. However, a few books are explained in 2 hours due to the heavy content.

3. Why 1 hour to explain and not 15 min?
- We have tested extensively how long it should take to explain a book. We discovered that to cover the key concepts and examples, it take at least an hour. Shorter than, you don't get the essence of the whole book.

4. Can I download the videos?  
- No. You are not allowed to download the videos. However, you can download the PDF slides that are used to explain the videos.

5. How often the new videos are added?
- A new Bestseller video is added every Thursday.

6. Can I join Live session?
- Yes.

Account Questions

1. Do I need to open an account?
- Yes. Account must be registered with APMustRead.Com.

2. How do I register an account?
Step 1 - Click Here.
Step 2 - Please enter Username and Email.
Step 3 - Both Username and Email must be unique.
Step 4 - We will send you an email to set your password.
Step 5 - Once password is set up, you are ready.
Step 6 - After your account is ready, please let us know your email here. We will assign you the materials.

3. What happens when I forget my password?
- You can reset the password yourself. Or
- Contact us here and let us know. We will reset it for you.

4. How long my subscription will be valid?
- There is no expiry to your subscription. You will be able to watch the VideoBooks any time you choose.

Payment Questions

၁. ဝင်ကြေး ၁၂၅၀၀၀ ကျပ်ကိုလွှဲပေးနိုင်သော အကောင့်များ။
- Messenger မှတဆင့် ဆက်သွယ်ပေးပါ။ 

၂. ဝင်ကြေး ၁၂၅ ၀၀၀ ကျပ်ကို တစ်ကြိမ်ထဲလွှဲရန်လိုပါလား။
- အရစ်ကျပေးလိုပါက ဆက်သွယ်စုံစမ်းပေးပါ here.

၃. တခြားနိုင်ငံများမှ ငွေလွှဲလို့ရပါလား။
- လက်ခံပေးပါတယ်။ အသေးစိတ်ဆွေးနွေးရန် ဆက်သွယ်ပေးပါ here.

၄. ငွေလွှဲဲဲဲဲပြီး စတင် အသုံးပြုရန် အချိန်ဘယ်လောက်စောင့်ရမလဲ။
− ရုံးဖွင့်ချိန်အတွင်းတွင် ၄ နာရီအတွင်း။ ရုံးပိတ်ချိန်အတွင်းတွင် ၂၄ နာရီအတွင်း။

Corporate Plans

1. Do you have corporate or team plans?
- Yes, we do. We provide customized programs for teams and organizations.

2. What should I do if I am looking for a corporate package?
- Please schedule an appointment with us here.